Bilal Mohamed

founder. writer. artist.

Get My Cash Up (2020)

The sun is gonna set today,

my phones dry, I’m knowing why.

‘Cuz niggas hit me for plans and I don’t reply.

Been growing in my new skin since I had been

wearing masks like there wasn’t a past I had to dip from.

Cuff my wrist real quick,

my confidence gon’ drip,

and Ima’ splash like I’m water resistant.


key for the distance we tryna reach —

they say is unrealistic.

But man we got that 2020 vision

2-0-2-0 ,

reaching numbers that you niggas never even seen before.

Like, sometimes they forget then regret,

that I really truly actually being doing this ‘ish.

To remind Ima’ rhyme,

grant my fans one wish

for a new decade,

so sublime like the everglades.

Unease about it like an escapade,

then I pray

pick my head up

walk away undismayed.

See everybody saying

“Ima focus on myself, achieve my goals and my dreams, form a team.”

Its me, me, me, and me,

thats the theme…

Same as 2019,

was that the year before that,

I could be losing track,

but I need to get my stacks,

They said you got my cash?

I need that ‘ish right now,

Na I ain’t playing around

Its 2020 homie, no way that I’m finna drown,

because of you.

Even though the sea level raising above ground.

Tsunamis hitting like a junky off of a pound…

Ah who cares bruh, forget that,

I’m just tryna get my cash up.